Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wahlverwandschaft / Elective affinity

If you google my surname persistently, you will come upon this lovely lady, Francine L. A singer and performer in the teens and twenties, she was also in a few silent films. (One, "Max wants a divorce," is on youtube with French title and German subtitles.) The thing is... it was a stage name! (Her father's name was J. Louis La Remée.) Through her mother she was a member of a great family in the Yiddish theater, the Adlers (Stella Adler was her cousin). I can't claim to have a star of the silent screen as a distant relation (or the Yiddish theater, which would be cool too), but at least I can say that a century ago - her debut was in 1910 - there was something in our family name which had an affinity with show business.
I've actually known about her for a while. A friend who collects sheet music from the early 20th century gave me the score at left a few years ago - it's even autographed! I'm not sure what a half-and-half is, but I'm happy to claim Francine Adler La Remée as a half-and-half relation!

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