Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sint Job

Praised be the Web for its treasures! Praised be for the intercession of flickr, through which I found an altarpiece to Saint Job featured in none of the histories of Christian art I've been scouring for Job-related art. Dating from 1530, it is in a church in Schoonbroek (Belgium). A Leo Wens, one of the church's deacons, has explicated each scene on their website (praised be also Google Translate for its intercession). Even better, he brings out the
liturgical life of the altar over the centuries by reproducing a number of prayers and litanies of St. Job! Here are two, one presumably 18th (or perhaps 17th) century, the second dated 1851. And he reports that the Job statue on top was festively processed through town until 1991. Through all of this you really get a sense of the life of religious art!

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