Friday, July 16, 2010

Taking the sacrament

Characteristically brilliant cartoon by Andy Dietsche in the Episcopal New Yorker. Particularly inspired:

7:15 Rite I Eucharist (Children Most Definitely By God Not Welcome)
8:00 Rite I Eucharist (Very Well-Behaved Children Grudgingly Tolerated)
9:00 Children's Regular Prayer Service (Medium-Level Chaos)

10:30 "U-2charist" or Whatever (With the Curate as "Bono" Impersonator)
1:15 Cranky Rite II Hypoallergenic Eucharist (No Incense by Order of Choir!)
3:00 Praise Service (Medium Restrained: Spirited But No Arm Raising)
10:45 Taizé-ish Service
11:30 Compline (With Cookies and Warm Milk Afterwards)

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