Monday, November 08, 2010


Made dinner for two Japanese friends last night. As they both love risotto, I made the most unusual risotto I know - a リゾットらしくない リゾット(rizotto rashikunai rizotto = unrisotto-ish risotto): cauliflower, toasted almonds and brie (!). It's delicious! Pretty easy to make, too.(Sauté the cauliflower - I used golden but white is fine - with garlic and thyme, and toast the almonds, separately. Cook risotto with a thyme sprig; when it's done mix in brie, then the cauliflower, and top with almonds to serve.) The mix of flavors and textures is wonderful- and it went very nicely with late-season broccoli rabe, complete with flower, sautéd with garlic and hot pepper flakes, and home-made bread.

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