Friday, November 12, 2010

Screwed without proper national health care

Someone I know just learned that, because he needed more medical care than expected in the first half of this year, his premium for next year will go up 69%. After negotiation, the insurance company (Aetna) agreed to lower the raise to a mere 59%. This still being impossible, he contacted other providers. Empire BlueCross BlueShield offered a premium equivalent to 55% higher than the current level, A third, Oxford, seemed like a deal with a premium only 30% higher than present. Going without a health plan not being an option, it's Oxford.

Horrendous! But don't think this is some poor freelancer, trying to survive in the individual health care market. Alas, it's not a person at all. It's my university!

President Obama's national health care overhaul - even if it survives the scalping promised by some of the victors of the recent election - won't help here. Since there's no public option, most people will get their health care through their employers. If the employers suffer highway robbery like New School just has, is there anything one can do?

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