Sunday, August 26, 2012

Foodie Brooklyn

When I moved to New York in 2002, my friends J & A took it as the occasion to start a tradition of Sunday dinners, something A remembered from her childhood. In the intervening years we've had scores of wonderful meals at their flat on West 90th Street with visitors from near and far. It anchored my week, too. But J & A are in Minneapolis now (where I got to help assemble Sunday Dinner, Minneapolis #2 two weeks ago), and Sunday Dinner here in New York has become my responsibility. We started small but tasty today, just three.
Working with ingredients from the Brooklyn Farmers Market and the Manhattan Fruit Exchange, I served vichyssoise with a hint of nutmeg (and chicken stock from new housemate V), followed by a caramelized shallot-fresh corn-cheddar-herb-grape tomato quiche, and a salad of lentils, kale chiffonade, mint, oranges and goat cheese in an orange zest-coriander seed vinaigrette - all accompanied by a summery rosé. Then co-conspirator M provided sorbets for dessert, which went nicely with some inky pu erh tea I'd picked up in Kunming. A good start!

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