Friday, August 31, 2012

Reading outside the box

Hey, remember the Book of Job book I was trying to write? Well, the readers' reports are back, and positive! They're not very detailed on the content, which would be worrisome except that I'm confident that they actually read the manuscript. Why? Because one of them wrote this:

While our author is a good word-smith when it comes to the broader strokes, in the details, he can give you fits.  Some of the sentences he writes remind me of verbal box-canyons:  you enter but you have a lot of trouble getting out the other side.

He's right, of course. Even after many drafts and concerted efforts at accessible writing, and the assistance of one of the clearest writers I know, my language tends toward the gnarly. But still I'm thrilled. He's what every writer dreams of: a real, close reader!!

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