Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kailash calls!

We've moved the start of our trek forward to the afternoon of the 28th - that's tomorrow! I'm glad, as it'll give us two nights at our first high altitude stop (3800m - over 12,000 feet!), before we cross a pass at 5200m (17,000 feet). We're still talking huge altitude changes - Kathmandu is at about 1400m (4000 feet). But by the time we start the circumambulation itself, we'll have spent a week above 12,000 feet. Happy or not, our bodies will be pretty well acclimatized. Here's our itinerary, if you want to follow along. DAY 01 is Monday 29/7, the kora itself DAYS 07-09, Sunday-Tuesday 4-6/8. Scheduled return to Kathmandu at the end of a long day of driving (one of several) on 8/8.
It's not inconceivable there will be internet cafes in the traveler-focused Chinese-Tibetan towns en route; I'll post updates if I have a chance. The kora itself will be mercifully media-free. (The map above is from here).

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