Monday, July 15, 2013


I fly at midnight for Nepal, so there was time for a final day in Australia.
This is the mist on the Mount (Macedon) on my final morning here.
I'm feeling a little out of touch with the homeland - and more, doubtless, to come. By the time I learned of the Supreme Court's Voting Act and gay marriage rulings, the news was already cool and complicated by layers of commentary - which, I couldn't help myself, I turned to instead of trying to articulate my own reaction. I wished I'd been in space with other people affected so I - we - could react in real time. Yesterday's shocking (yet, sadly, unsurprising) not guilty verdict of Trayvon Martin's killer felt even more like this - though I found out about it in time to see the first reactions flashing through the web. It feels almost like a dereliction of duty not to have to stand on American soil as a beneficiary of its enduring racism and seek words, gestures, actions that don't sound hollow. Something to take with me to Kailash.

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