Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kora day 1

The kora or parikrama (or circumambulation) or Mount Kailash!
View back to dusty Darchen, where the circuit begins
Prayer flags mark the grand entrance to the valley
Very different kind of mountain on the west side
Glacier-scooped valley behind and ahead of us
Yaks before some of the 18 Arhats, on the Kailash side
Motorcyclists and horsetail falls
Fascinating melted forms on the outside, too
Mount Kailash appears in a frieze of elephants
The north face of Mount Kailash from Drirapuk
Details of the north face
Chortens at Drirapuk as Mount Kailash moves into shadow
Kailash on the moving electric prayer screen in the monastery
Mount Kailash replaced by a rainbow as our first day winds to a close

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