Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Don't drink the water

Walked the lower part of the High Line with a friend today, and almost missed a way cool work of art on display there, Josh Kline's "Skittles." It looks like yet another case of designer drinks, down to the shapes of the bottles, the colors and texture of the contents. and the font in which which ingredients are listed. But where's the salesperson? In fact they are poetic mini-portraits of contemporary New York types. A pinkish one: anarchy, infused vodka, axe body wash, protein powder, red bull, self-tanner, banana, dhea A bluish one: designer toothpaste, vitamin water, listerine, toner, magazine, sneaker. A deep green one: mixed greens, baby spinach, baby kale, lacinato kale, nyquil, tennis ball, wheat grass, spirulina, olive oil, dollars. Murky brown: big data, google glasses, underwear, verizon bill, bacteria, omega 3 fish oil, purell, porn. Brilliant, if a little painful too!

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