Thursday, June 05, 2014


My explorations in things Himalayan continue - we just got word that an extension of the "Everyday Religion and Sustainable Environments in the Himala" (ERSEH) project has been approved. Say hello to SLSFHI, the "Sacred Landscapes and Sustainable Futures in the Himalaya Initiative"!
Inspired in part by ICIMOD's Kailash Sacred Landscape initiative, this means I'll be heading Nepalward once again later this summer, in Fall of 2015, and then for a two-month stint in the Summer of 2016. Mount Kailash will be a focus for scholars and policy makers from India, China and Nepal exploring questions of sacred geography, map-making, and various levels of the "policy sphere." More for me to learn! And another project for which getting my bearings in China will make a difference.

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