Friday, June 13, 2014

Official poster (and invite!)

The exhibition designer for "Offense & Dissent" has fashioned a striking poster/logo, which you'll notice is also an invitation to the opening reception not quite two weeks away. Come find out who S----n and L---n are, what the scare-quotes around "Freedom of Expression" are about, who's crying My God! and why! The exhibition brings together a remarkable range of archival objects, interpretive artwork and seeds for new conversations about the capacity of art and design to build or compromise community... all in the envelope of this colorful design!
In the words of my co-curator R, "The exhibition is a unique confluence of curatorial collaborations, institutional history, faculty research and archival material, and includes the participation of faculty, students and staff.  It situates three conjunctures of art/politics in New School history within larger questions of global politics, race and diversity, design/social research/political engagement while interrogating how communities within institutions get made and unmade."

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