Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My first letter in Chinese! My teacher Susan asked me to write a letter of job application modeled on one in our textbook where an American expresses interest in a position as 市场开发部经理 Manager of Market Development for a Chinese-Canadian joint venture. Remembering that she had told me she was thinking of opening a little boutique when she moves with her husband to the US later this year, I postdated my letter and proposed myself as 市场开发部经理 for her nascent boutique empire. She didn't have a Market Development section yet? I offered a perfect opportunity to imagine growth in many directions, perfectly poised with experience teaching English to Japanese junior high school students as well as a degree in religious studies!









Here's how the letter - with her suggested revisions - emerges from Bing translate. It's much better than Google translate but still a little off, so I take the liberty of indicating delicate points it misses, perhaps because I repurposed vocabulary from unrelated sections for Lego-style bricolage (well, what one does when one doesn't know that much of a language...!):

Dear Susan boss: 
How do you do! I hear that you are considering looking for market development manager. Your company is a Sino-US joint venture, has now developed into a United States famous boutiques, in the United States many cities have business in the East [Eastern United States]. I to your company's business and was interested in the position, market development manager, now writing this letter is a formal application for job seekers to you. 
May be I do not know if [I misunderstood that] your company is considering hiring managers, then, dear Susan boss, the Marketing Department's idea can be a good opportunity to your company. Regardless of the size of other companies increasingly find that [if] they have no marketing department cannot continue to be successful and develop. I so appreciated your company [If your company, which I so admire] was knocked out of competition, I was [would be most] unhappy. 
My name is Luo Make, are American, graduated from United Kingdom at Oxford University. After graduation, I was in Japan's junior high schools, responsible for contact with the students knowledge of a foreign language services. In teaching, no matter how the students are not interested, I'm trying to solve, and strive to develop their interest in foreign language learning. In a very short time, the students of this school to become as international man of dual language. The attitude of my sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, has repeatedly praised by the students parents. 
If you are concerned about my experience on [that my experience is irrelevant to] your company's marketing doesn't matter, I'd say no! I would not like to study small students into English-reader [I can turn students who don't like study into little English scholars, so], I have no mission impossible. If your company would like [to open] in the United States around Susan's Boutique chain stores, I can help you succeed. If your company would like to open several Susan boutique supermarkets, I can do. If your company would like to become multinational corporations, you can rest assured. Development of outer space to think about [is worth thinking about too]. In order to deepen the understanding of all things in the world, I left Japan in the school work, beginning in the United States, Lin Houston [Princeton] University study religion. 
In my opinion, if your company has decided to open the market development and the Manager of the hiring department, I am best suited to the job. I wish I could participate in your company's development at home and abroad, to say I'm not interested in your company's market development within the Earth are unrestrained development of extraterrestrial [indeed I'm interested not only in your company's market development on Earth but also its unlimited development extraterrestrially]. Applicants should be able to see the future [Can other applicants see such a future]? 
Enclose my curriculum vitae. Need to know if have any questions, please call or contact me by e-mail. Thank you!

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