Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Tried my hand at a brief essay in Chinese. My teacher S suggested a good many changes, but said it has the feel of sanwen, 散文. Here's it is, and what Bing Translate made of it:


今年也一样,三月突然就到了。可是今年是我的“中国的一年”所以我就惊了两次。第一次是“三月到了!不可能!”第二次是“三月了!我得快要 回国了!” 老实说,今年“三月了!” 有特别的意思。那特别的意思是 “我只有三个月就要离开!”


 这三个月怎么用好呢? 我知道,六月的离开其实是“再见”,我将来一定会再回中国来见我的朋友们。 这三个月,我想最好的用法是一边总结过去的经验,一边体验新的东西, 一边为下次来中国做 准备。

In March! [March already!]

As every year, one day it's March. Because February is shorter than other months, March always come too early. Year after year, I have never [gotten] used [to it].

This year too, the March arrived suddenly. But this is my "China year" so I was surprised twice. First is "March is coming! No way! "The second is" March! I was going back [must soon return] home! "To be honest, this year's" March! "Have a special meaning. That particular meaning is "I only have three months left! ”

My "China year" three-fourths really did in the past? Don't there is no [It never was] 12-months. I only to China in early September last year, has received only a 90-day visa. So I didn't stay in China in December. On January 5 when I come back to China, 180-day visa. Three months plus six months, not a year, just nine months. In June, I should [must] leave.

How to use the three months is good [well]? I know that June's departure was [is not] "Goodbye", in the future I will definitely come back to see my friends. In these three months, I think the best use is summing up past experience, while experiencing new things, while getting ready for the next time you come to China.

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