Monday, March 30, 2015

We're The New School (again!)

So the New School has a new "visual identity," the third since I've been associated with the place. But it may be the first I like. (It's actually animated: see it here.) The team which put it together, working together with a celebrated logo-designer (MoMA, Metropolitan Opera, etc.), doesn't mention the New School visual identity of its first several decades - they do mention that the two lines recall the Joseph Urban building at 66 West 12th Street, echoed also in the new signature building - but there's clearly an influence. I appreciate that continuity.
This is part of a much broader visibility campaign. We're a "design-inspired, human-centered university" offering an "integrated, flexible and personalized" education, something conveyed by the fact that the custom-designed font - called (of course!) Neue - has three widths for each letter and an algorithm which determines which to use when. This makes for the endearingly wonky look (my words here, not the adminstration's!) while communicating that the divisions are related but distinct. E.g., Lang's and Parsons' As are different sizes. Kinda cool!

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