Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday

Good Friday at Francis Xavier (董家渡) was, well, good. I've not been alert to Lent this year, beyond noticing Ash Wednesday ("so soon?") and Palm Sunday ("already?!"), so I was glad to have the chance to go tonight - hope to attend a Vigil tomorrow night, too. Dongjiadu hosts one of the international Catholic congregations so this was in English. The horror of the story being told was hard to escape, starting in Deutero-Isaiah, where God "is pleased" to condemn an innocent to suffering (53:10). John's Gospel with its many pedantic asides was read; there were many parts for the congregation, none of them edifying. Prayers for Pope and clergy, catechumens and church, Jews, those who don't know Christ or God, political leaders and the healing of the world, each accompanied be kneeling and a priestly blessing. Adoration of the Cross followed (I'm accustomed to the Episcopal Church's simple wooden cross, wasn't sure what to do with the statue of Jesus on the cross here), as the choir struggled with something like the Reproaches, and Communion from the reserve sacrament. The choir didn't know how to navigate the reaches of "Were you there when they crucified my Lord?" but it didn't matter, suddenly my face was wet with tears. I'm there now.

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