Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Springtime Beijing

I'm behind on not one but two trips to Beijing, so here, consolidated, are some images from my visit with Australian family 8-11 and on my own to the Renmin conference 20-24/4. In interests of time few words, but I invite you to imagine fitting anecdotes for the pictures that seem to demand them.

故宫 Forbidden City

Floral fireworks and religious tchotchkes for sale at Jingshan Park. 

Selfie-stick put to imperial use at 天坛 Temple of Heaven. 

Traffic bottleneck (we got caught there) between Houhai Lakes.

Up the cherry blossomed hill to the Great Wall at 慕田峪 Mutianyu!

Exhibit and venue of the Renmin symposium East-West Art

Peonies, blooming trees and a kind of tree seed blowing all over town

Detail of a neon landscape-generator at National Art Museum

798 Art District's amazing range of work (the last from DPRK)

Metro ad for presumablky foreigner-approved face masks

Yesterday's grand building and today's

Prostration before 天宁寺 Tianning temple's pagoda

Stuff for sale, and a caged songbird's daily outing

牛街清真寺 Ox Street Mosque


法源寺 Fayuan temple and neighborhood

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