Sunday, June 28, 2015

Countdown to 回国: 3 days

A rainy day, mostly at home. No problem, since I’m connected to the world by internet, right? Well, thanks to my VPN (virtual private network) I am. I can’t quite imagine what my year in China would have been like without it, though I have friends here who live without it,

getting what they need through Chinese internet sharing sites. Beyond basics like my home e-mail and blogger, blocked because Google-based, what do I need it for? I get most news about the rest of the world without it from the Guardian. It’s about China I’d be handicapped.
I wouldn’t, for instance, know of the "七不讲 seven don't mentions," or that the Communist Youth League has deputed university CYL members to help “green the internet" by being more chaste and civil on it (but also reporting the uncivil) - part of a broader campaigm/clampdown.

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