Friday, June 26, 2015

Nanjing Museum!

Very glad I made it back to Nanjing, even if I only had time for the Nanjing Museum! The history section, really a kind of Jiangsu provincial museum, overflows with glorious artifacts, and, in the newly arranged displays of its 4-year renovation, revels in the wealth of its collection.

The art section, focused on a handful of modern Nanjing artists, is a little thinner on older works, but still satisfying.

There's also a subterranean street recreating Republican Nanjing, complete with tea house and live opera; in a dowdy coffee shop I had coffee made vacuum style, as it apparently was when coffee first came to China in 1918.

A futuristic but largely past-focused "digital gallery" panders a little too much to young people's presumed inability to appreciate things that don't move, witness this animation of part of a famous painting below!

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