Monday, June 29, 2015

Merci, Benoît

Can't resist sharing this photo, taken last week at the final meeting of the Comparative Theology class whose first section, led by a Korean pioneer in East Asian Theology, I attended. I missed the second, shorter, part, taught by a French Jesuit Thomist, since I was traveling, but was invited to the photo shoot anyway, in the classroom of the 利徐學社 Xu-Ricci Dialogue Institute. The woman at far left set us up in this rather overdetermined way, but I include the photo to register my thanks to 魏明德 Benoît Vermander, the other French Jesuit - the beaming blonde one - without whose help my year at Fudan would have been much less stimulating than it was. I didn't expect either the Francophonie or theology to be parts of my Shanghai year but, happily, they were!

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