Monday, January 18, 2016


Visiting the 上海博物馆 Shanghai Museum today, I enjoyed the horizontal unrolling of a landscape by 沈周 Shen Zhou (below is a scene near the end - we've traversed mountains and rivers on our way from right to left, and after this comes a long expanse of open water, with just a little hint of another shore to end it far beyond to the left)... and then, making my way along a pedestrian overpass toward 大世界 Dashijie station, was inspired to try to capture a panorama of my own. The Shanghai Museum is about a third of the way in, starting from the left.
My cell phone did pretty well here, I think, doing a double take only once (two red flags!). Actually, I'd been planning to try a panorama here before. Both an overpass and an underpass - an elevated highway roars overhead - one floats a little like the viewer of a landscape painting.

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