Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Way to go

What a mess! They're adding subway lines so fast here the other lines can hardly keep up. Specifically, here you see the overloaded 1 trying to absorb the extensions of the 12 and 13 lines which happened a few weeks ago. They added not one station (like New York's fêted first-in-a-quarter-century Hudson Yards stop on the 7), but well over a dozen, just like that!. This makes my life a lot easier, too, since I'm staying with X in the west of the city, on the line 13 (which is itself so new it's not included on the maps in some guide books, or on the Shanghai Metro Tourism map), and can now switch to the 12 and smoothly to the 10, arriving at 江湾体育场 (the station nearest Fudan) in just 45 minutes!

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