Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alter call

College commencement! (My colleague L took this picture from the stage, where we faculty were seated.) Each time I find that I don't recognize most of the graduating seniors but this year took the cake. (I was on leave for a year, of course, and haven't directed the First Year Program - through which I got to know troupes of student peer advisers - in two years.) Out of about 380 graduating students, I knew 12! I asked my faculty friends and they had comparable tallies. Bizarre and not a little disconcerting... who are these students and what did they study?!

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Sarah said...

Even as a student, I've experienced a similar phenomena. For the most part, I have no idea who my classmates are. I don't even know names but before I can learn them, they evaporate at the end of the year. Following next semester, there is a brand new crop of faces, all in my major, but I've never met or heard of them. It's a big world I guess, but I do my best to close it in with some light internet stalking. lol.