Wednesday, May 04, 2016

It unfolds

The final projects for "Performing the Problem of Suffering: The Book of Job and the Arts" are in, and they're really impressive. Let people work in the genres that matter to them, and they work hard. The mostly design students in my discussion section also brought completely different and delightful ways of tackling issues. Here's one from a
student in Communication Design - one of those foldy fortune-telling things where you make a few choices (Job/Friend/God/Satan, then some numbers) before arriving at o one of eight alternate endings (!) to the Book of Job. What a brilliant way of embodying the principle, as Robert Frost called it,

There’s no connection man can reason out

notherBetween his just deserts and what he gets

Another student's project is "a comic about the unnaturalness of trying to force-forget one's suffering: a version of Job (of the Book of Job) struggling to find peace after his restoration." I've borrowed these images (with permission) from her blog; make sure to go through them one by one, seeing only one at a time. The gaps are essential.

(Descriptions of some other projects here.)

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