Monday, September 05, 2016

More Kailashes

Some more images of Kailash... This above is part of a mid-19th century map (north is down) with lots of details of Kailash, including temples, Gauri Kund and even the prayer flag pole at Tarboche. The large lake is Rakshas Tal (all Kailash's streams flow into it); Manasarovar is on the next panel of this seven-paneled map. Not sure about the smaller lake.
And here's a scene from a glossy promotional film made by a Russian yoga group in 2014, advertising its 3-week trip to Tibet. In it gods and buddhas periodically appear in the sky, but here cosmic Kailash itself manifests in the middle of a sunny day, rising out of a sea of clouds and against a backdrop of churning galaxies, topped with Shiva's trident. The traveler is walking along the kora route on the way toward Dirapuk; the actual Kailash (but who's paying attention?) is above him to his right.

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