Friday, February 06, 2015

Beijing days 5

Tiananmen day! Can you see the rarely visible western hills (right)?
Where it all began
In brisk wind and bright sun the red flags flow like the blood of martyrs
 In front of Mao's mausoleum (I didn't go in)
Souvenirs of pandas and political leaders, past and present
Entrance to China National Museum, perhaps the world's largest
"That Era 那个年代" by Tan Jianming 谭建明" (2011)
A history painting from the famine-inducing Great Leap Forward
 A 2000-year old sculpture from Yunnan (showing human sacrifice)
A civil official from the Western Wei (6th c. CE)
Story-teller beating a drum (Eastern Han, 1-3rd century CE)
Bronze zun in the shape of an owl, Shang. (Okay yes, I went through the museum in the wrong order. Their signage was deplorable.)
The "People's Culture Palace" is a mini-Forbidden City nobody visits
Exquisite marble carvings
 Really... nobody in sight! Quite a relief after the tourist throngs!

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