Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Not sure how to convey to you the all-around racket of firecrackers, big noisy ones, going off in all directions - how the new year is welcomed in China. I first went to a party of young foreigners in the former French Concession - never a big one for parties, I felt quite lost surrounded by, well, people like me but none of them aware of the importance of having fish as part for one's nianyefan 年夜饭 (new year's eve dinner):
fish yu sounds just like yu 途, surplus, so one wishes people niannian youyu, may you have fish (surplus) each year! (Luckily someone brought some smoked salmon, unwitting.) Hurried back on the last train to the provinces, enjoyed cycling home through deserted streets in time for an hour watching the quite uninspiring TV Gala and running from window to window with my camera as new volleys of fireworks went off. 恭喜发财!

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