Saturday, February 28, 2015

Delicious Dongbei

Back in Shanghai, which is rainy and cold. Sifting through four hundred-plus pictures is going to take a while, so for starters here are some snaps from my last meal in Shenyang, cooked by my friend O's mother. Dumplings (jiaozi 饺子) are both regionally and seasonally appropriate during New Year, and these were as good as or better than those I'd had at two well-known jiaozi restaurants earlier in the week. The less appealing looking dessert at right was my doing: I'd noticed a flatbed truck selling what looked like potatoes gone to seed, only to be told they were frozen pears and delicious, so I got some. After a little time in the freezer, they were indeed delicious, like stewed dried fruit. Lǎo bì le!

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