Friday, February 20, 2015

New year's irresolution

On a beautifully clear Thursday afternoon I ventured out to see what was happening in the neighborhood. The local temple, virtually empty the other times I've been there, was full of people bowing to the various Buddhas and bodhisattvas (and one shrine to Guangdi), but I missed the rush hour: there were metal barriers stretching the length of the block.
Venturing on my bike a little further northwest into the town of 江湾 Jiangwan (my nearest metro stop is called 江湾镇 Jiangwan Town) - I usually go east from where I live, towards Fudan University, or south, towards downtown Shanghai - I found a little park. What a delightful surprise to find a blooming plum (or is it peach) treee! 春节快乐!
Of course I'm heading back into winter on Sunday! But I'm almost used to it, what with this second new year's in two months, second switch from horse to whatever 羊 is (sheep, goat, ram?), not to mention a birthday that might or might not have been a big one. Just this past week brought: Friday the 13th, Valentines Day, New Year's, Ash Wednesday...

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