Thursday, December 14, 2017


Watching the British television series "Endeavour," which imagines the early career of the famous Inspector Morse in the Oxford of the mid-1960s, is a trip down memory lane for me. I was among the dreaming spires two decades later, but it feels disconnected enough from the present to make me nostalgic. (And much of the rather tatty Britain of 1984 probably was still 1960s issue.) I walked down that road, I'll muse in some wonderment as we see the Broad of a rainy morning or that lane that curves behind New College. But last night I jumped out of my seat. The site of the dramatic robbery in the closing episode of season 3, was a building I knew all too well: the Philosophy Sub-Faculty at 10 Merton Street, where I cut my teeth reading philosophical journals and books! Why would it allow itself to be dressed up as "Wessex Bank" in 2015? Turns out the Philosophy Sub-Faculty moved there only in 1976 (having been next door for a dozen years before) - and that it is no longer at that address. This distresses me more than I would have expected. While I've moved on I expected Oxford philosophy to stay put!

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